About PteroDocs

PteroDocs is the trade name of Film Director and Producer Elena Alonefti. PteroDocs collaborates with production companies, non-profit organizations and businesses to create changes in legislation, policy making and government practices through short films, documentaries and PSAs. Apart from producing commercial work it offers pro bono services to promote environmental and social issues.

Current Projects



This is a film about alcohol, the myths and truths surrounding it and why we set up our children for failure.


To Build a Dream

To build a Dream

This film documents a teacher’s art journey that begun through his efforts to protect his land from conscienceless acts of ecological destruction and ended up becoming the dream of a lifetime.



Alcohol campaign - Girl

Client: Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council

Cyprus Film Days 2016

Client: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund - Transportation

Client: Cyprus Planning Bureau

EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund - Countryside

Client: Cyprus Planning Bureau

Clients and Collaborators