To Build a Dream

To build a dream

Anthos, an interior design teacher, a landscape designer and an environmentalist embarked on a journey that lead to profound transformation, of himself, his property and the people around him. To Build a Dream documents Anthos’ journey, which begun through his efforts to protect his land from conscienceless acts of ecological destruction and ended up as becoming the dream of a lifetime.

In the last 10 years Anthos has managed to restore some of the endemic flora and fauna that had entirely disappeared from his land by constructing ponds and gardens around his home, making the area a magnet for native and migratory birds. The construction of a dividing wall was the spark of his journey: an organic, habitable art project consisted of a series of elaborate colorful structures influenced by his travels to the Amazonian region, Africa, India, Thailand and Indonesia.

Anthos’ artistic mastery, in-depth knowledge of design and color, his construction abilities and love for nature didn’t only find a creative outlet but were also put to a test. The film documents the continuous improvisation of an artist working on an unfathomable art project and how he brought people together to help with this labor of love.

To Build a Dream is a documentary that celebrates human imagination, boldness and perseverance. It’s an inspiring story of a visionary man and his journey in the process of realizing his dream.

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